Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photos : Man With 59kg Scrotum Finally Set To Have Life Changing Surgery

Dan Maurer
 A US man with a nine-and-a-half stone (59kg) testicle is finally set to have life changing surgery to have it removed.

'Dan Maurer, 39, from Michigan, whose testicle has slowly swollen over the past ten years, has spent years raising funds for the operation.

'At first doctors told him to lose weight, but even after a rigorous exercise programme saw him lose 50 lbs, his scrotum continued to grow.

'It was eventually discovered that Mr Maurer, has a broken cyst in his scrotum that caused the rare condition of Scrotal Lymphedema.

Dan Maurer
'After finally discovering the cause of his condition, his local church started a fundraiser to pay for the $27,000 (£16,265) operation.

'His wife, Mindy, added that even though they "haven't had marital relations in seven years", she has stood by her husband. When you say those marriage vows you either mean them or you don't. I meant them," she said'

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