Friday, May 22, 2015

APC can solve Nigeria’s economic woes – Tinubu

A national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has assured Nigerians that the party will not sacrifice competence for zoning in choosing leaders for the National Assembly.

Tinubu, who said this in an interview with reporters, in Abuja, on Thursday, also added that the APC had the capacity to address the nation’s economic woes.

He explained that the APC was determined to ensure that merit, character and qualities which a leader must have, were not compromised.

The former Lagos State governor also assured Nigerians that the incoming administration would confront the nation’s economic challenges “aggressively.”

According to him, as a loyal party man, he would not do anything to cast the party in a bad light; noting that all the issues currently on the front-burner would be looked at critically.

Tinubu said, “The nation is expecting us to take a decisive leadership decision and make one meritoriously, merit will not be compromised, you have to be competent, you have to possess the kind of character, attributes to the leadership, we have to be pan-Nigerian and be a very solid character to lead the National Assembly and that is what we are talking about.

“It’s not zoning to compromise quality of leadership and competency of an individual.

“I’m not to speak, not to go further on that, I believe we have a very determined party leadership we have resolved to follow our leadership and the criteria set by that leadership including myself, nthat we would not use zoning to determine and compromise the credibility and the qualification of an individual.”

He said what would be done would be all encompassing, noting that “if zoning is used in a discriminatory manner, there is the probability that quality may be compromised.”

Tinubu said, “Let everybody aspire, just like we aspired, your cynicism, no matter what, so you predicted during our presidential primaries that we are going to run into a chaotic storm, we put those people to shame and we came out with the best. So, expect the best from us always.”

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