Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lagos roars back to life as filling stations resume selling

Lagos on Monday night roared back to life as some of the filling stations in the former capital of the nation resumed the sale of petroleum products.
This followed the call off of the strike embarked upon by oil marketers.

As at 10pm, some of the filling stations that had remained shut since the dispute with the government commenced started the sale of products.

However, most of them did not sell at the government approved price of N87.

They sold petrol for between N150 and N300.

No part of the metropolis was left out of the unwholesome activity.

It was also obvious that most of them were out to exploit those in a hurry to buy products since the expectation is that the product availability situation will get better in the next few others.

The usual traffic snarl occasioned by indiscriminate parking at filling stations returned.

Lagos had been devoid of traffic since Sunday as very few vehicles were on the roads.

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