Monday, May 4, 2015

Nepal quake miracle: 101 year old man found alive in rubble

Nepal health workers carry a survivor in Kathmandu
A 101-year-old man has been pulled alive from rubble more than a week after the earthquake in Nepal, Sky News has reported quoting the French news agency, AFP.

The news came as Nepalese authorities also announced that more than 80 foreigners could not be accounted for in the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week.

Laxmi Dhakal, Nepal Interior Ministry Spokesman, said on Sunday in Kathmandu that more than 80 foreigners were missing.

“According to our records, 82 foreigners from different countries are confirmed missing,” he said.

He said police report indicated that in Kenjing Valley, site of the famous Langtang trekking route north of Kathmandu, a rescue operation found dead bodies of 48 people, including three foreigners buried under a landslide.

Dhakal said investigation and available record revealed that more than 200 people, about half of them foreigners, were still believed to be buried under a landslide.

A four-month old baby was also found alive 22 hours after the quake happened last Saturday. Sonit Awal was pulled to safety Sunday morning by the Nepalese army. The infant boy’s father, Shyam Awal,had called rescuers after their house collapsed from Saturday’s deadly earthquake. The rescuers had given up the search only for them to hear the cry of the baby 22 hours after.

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