Saturday, May 2, 2015

You’re A Bad Loser, APC Blast President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has been described as a bad loser who would rather continue to seek pub­lic sympathy than asking for forgiveness from Nigeri­ans who rejected him at the March 28 presidential elec­tion for bad governance.

This was the consensus of some All Progressives Con­gress, APC leaders who were reacting to President Jona­than’s claim on Thursday that the President-elect, Gen. Mu­hammadu Buhari did not win the last election fairly.

Jonathan, who spoke short­ly after receiving the report of the Senator Ahmadu Ali-led PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation at the Presiden­tial Villa, Abuja, said himself and his party had to accept the outcome of the poll as a sacrifice to keep the country together.

According to him “The problem is not whether we lost the elections; that is histo­ry, but how do we consolidate our party and move forward? If we are committed and we work hard, definitely the PDP will bounce back.

“The PDP is still the domi­nant party. If you look at the results, the difference is just 2.5 million votes and if you look at the areas, where it is perceived that the PDP scored so low, the PDP couldn’t have got those kind of scores but the elections are over, so the country first.

“It is not as if Jonathan alone made the sacrifice, it is all of us. I made the pronouncement but some of us are paying the price. Some people pay more price than I do, I know how some of you are already be­ing persecuted and the kind of situation facing you.”

Reacting to the president’s claim, APC National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Moham­med said President Jonathan’s recent statements and actions only portray him as a bad loser who is finding it difficult to recover from the shock of de­feat.

He condemned the contin­ued blackmail by the Jonathan administration as a result of President Jonathan’s conces­sion of defeat, wondering whether the concession, gra­cious as it was, has now be­come a shield for all wrong doings.

‘’We are sick and tired of being blackmailed by the Jonathanians. Gen. Buhari won the March 28 Presiden­tial Elections fair and square, having satisfied both constitu­tional and other statutory re­quirements. We have no apol­ogy for our victory, and the concession of defeat – while it may have increased the po­litical stock of President Jona­than, the election has by no means diminished the historic and emphatic victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress,’’ he added.

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