Saturday, June 27, 2015

Corrupt people won’t go unpunished – Osinbajo

The Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has reiterated the commitment of the present government to ensure that persons found to be corrupt are sanctioned.

Osinbajo described corrupt practices, weak public and private institutions, as well as public policy, as the greatest threats to the stability of the economy.

While speaking at the 3rd Annual Christopher Kolade’s lecture on Business Integrity in Lagos, Osinbajo said that an individual who lacked integrity in life should not be expected to have business integrity.

He, however, noted that integrity should be an acceptable standard for every business leader.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Beyond Compliance: Imbibing a Culture of Business Integrity,’ he added, “The most important thing is to do things right. It is important that what we do comply with the rule of law.

“There is need to ensure that people’s rights are not trampled on. And there is need to ensure that people face the consequence for wrongful actions. That balance is necessary. The administration will ensure that loopholes compliance are plugged and those responsible for creating loopholes will face the consequence.

“The greater good of the company also means the greater good of many people, their lives and families. The question is- how do we respond to the ethical dynamics of poverty and corruption when it concerns our friends, ethnic or religious groups?”

Kolade noted that it is difficult to have integrity in Nigeria as corruption is perceived as the norm.

He said, “We use corruption in our conversations than we talk about integrity. Integrity should feature more in our conversations. Integrity is meant to be natural to human beings.”

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