Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dangote Reiterates Desire To Buy Arsenal FC

" My love for arsenal date back to about 10years ago when i use to go and watch them play with the one of the largest shareholder, Mr David Dein and i think i develop likeness for the team and have been a supporter of the team since 80s. So it is not an overnight stuff and it is true we made an effort to buy. There couple of us who are rushing to buy and we thought about the prices then few are interested in selling are actually trying to get and we back track because we are very very busy doing other thing especially our industrialization but right now things are happening now especially if we get the refinery on track , i will have enough time and put resources to pay what they are asking for."

What motivate you to show interest , is it the fans or profit ? 
Dangote: Normally for fans, you dont go and buy . You know obviously we are not going to lose the money. I think Arsenal are doing well but they need another strategic direction, they need more direction than the current issue where they develop players and selling them.

There are insinuations that the club won't be sold to an African ? 

Dangote: what i always say is that money does't matter whether you are an African or not. Anywhere in the world, the colour of money is the same thing. Once i put money on the table, they won't be bother if you are an African but it might be a policy they don't want an African to own it which i don't believe so.

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