Sunday, June 28, 2015

DJ shot dead for refusing to play requested song...

Indian DJ shot dead for refusing to play requested song. Photo: Yoredm ... 
A 30 year old Indian DJ was during the week shot dead after refusing to play a song requested by one of the guests at the party. 

Arun Valmiki was going about his business at a birthday party of the grand-daughter of a rich businessman when he was approached by a young man named Ashu alias Ishu who demanded that he play a song titled ‘Tamanche De Disco,’ which means ‘dancing with an illegal gun’. 

The guest was infuriated when the DJ refused to play the song pulling out a handgun and shooting him pointblank. 

He was confirmed dead in a local hospital moments later. Reports say the assailant who initially fled was later arrested by the police.... 

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