Friday, June 19, 2015

Enugu indigenes in Diaspora ask Ekweremadu to resign

A socio-cultural group, the Concerned Diaspora Enugu West, an organization of indigenes from the area in the Diaspora based in the United Kingdom has asked the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu to stand down from his position.

Senator Ekweremadu was recently re-elected Deputy Senate President when the inauguarted National Assembly elected its presiding officers.

In a statement emailed from London, signed by Ignatius Nwabu Ozoilo, a barrister, the group said that it is “deeply worried about the outcome of the leadership contest in the Senate Chamber of the National Assembly on Tuesday 9th June 2015, in which Senator Ike Ekweremadu representing Enugu West senatorial zone put himself forward for the post of the Deputy Senate President (DSP).”

Ozoilo continued in the statement:
“While we concede that the interest to become part of the leadership of the National Assembly is a legitimate aspiration, we at the same time are of the view that it is not a right political decision for Senator Ekweremadu to become and remain Deputy Senate President of the 8th Assembly.”

The group alleged that “Senator Ekweremadu held on as Deputy Senate President for eight years and did so as a member of the then ruling People’s Democratic Party. He had ample opportunity to use that position to improve the political, economic and social prospects of the country but regrettably he failed to demonstrate any particular sense of legislative acumen for the benefit of his constituency in particular and Nigeria in general.

The statement added further that Ekweremadu should step down from the position because “Ndi Igbo do not need any representation at the NASS leadership in order to be politically relevant. Regardless of their choices at the last presidential election, it is inconceivable that the Buhari Administration or any Administration for that matter will overlook the significance of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria. There is a particular strength in a people having to speak with one voice like Ndi Igbo did on 28 March 2015 and that has set a clear signal about their political future.

The group further averred that the collective interest of Ndi Igbo cannot be reduced to one individual’s set of circumstance, alleging that Ekweremadu’s eight years as DSP did not in any way generate any collateral benefit for Ndi Igbo, neither did the regency of former five Igbo Senate Presidents.

Ozoilo concluded in the statement: “As his constituents, we respectfully advise that Senator Ike Ekweremadu should stand down as DSP with immediate effect. We further advise that he should devote the next four years to work for the people of Enugu West whom he has utterly abandoned.”


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