Friday, June 19, 2015

Governors move to recover funds spent on FG projects

Cash-crunched state governments have resolved to demand from President Muhammadu Buhari, the refund   of money spent on executing Federal Government projects in their respective states.

They argued that doing so was the only option before them since the Federal Government was also not liquid.

The payment of the debts was one of the issues raised and discussed by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum   at its meeting in Abuja on Wednesday.

Their Chairman,   who is also the Governor of Zamafara State, Abdullazez Yari, read the communiqué after the meeting.

Yari   said the governors had agreed to meet with Buhari next week over the issue(debt payment).

He said, “We all know that the economy of the country is in a bad shape. So, what we suggested and agreed on was that a   number of state governors have executed various projects for the Federal Government.

“So, instead of looking for that (bailout), let us ask the Federal Government to settle that backlog owed us so that we can move forward.

“In nearly all the states,   you may have N10bn or N20bn owed.   Like in Lagos,   more than N50bn was spent on   federal projects that has yet to be settled.

“So, if we can get that done, then most of the issues can be resolved in earnest. So, we are seeing the President next week.”

Yari added that the governors were threading softly   because they were aware that   some federal parastatal and agency workers were also being owed salaries.

He said, “As we are (in) bad (debt), the Federal Government is also on the same lane because some of the agencies and parastatals   have not   paid the salaries of their members of staff for six months. So it is not only the states that are owing some of their employees.

“It is the problem of the entire nation. We are going to work in synergy with the Federal Government to overcome the challenge. We will meet with the President next week so that we can get a lasting solution to this problem.”

Apart from this, Yari said that the governors had agreed to hold a retreat on how states   could enhance good governance and improve their revenue base.

The Zamfara State governor, who will serve as chairman of the forum for one year, added that his colleagues   had also agreed to work with the President to move the country forward.

Also speaking, Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State stated that the problem facing the states was not payment of salaries alone, but meeting their obligations to all Nigerians.

He said that Buhari must stop the stealing of public funds by greedy Nigerians   so that the   country could move forward.

The governor lamented that only $2.5bn was left in the Excess Crude Account as of Wednesday.

He said, “To stop the fleecing; stop the stealing and get those who had stolen return the money. We are surprised that the excess crude fund has dropped to $2.5bn.

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