Sunday, June 7, 2015

Photo : Man Breaks PE*NIS While Trying A Different S*ex Style With Girlfriend

Man Breaks PE*NIS
A supposed night of pleasure has turned tragic for an amorous couple after the man had a very painful s*ex accident and broke his p*enis during the process.

The Irishman, Alan Parke,  has narrated his unfortunate tale which he admitted was one of the most painful experiences he ever had.

He said, “I’ve never known pain like it. I was jumping around with the pain.”

Parke was rushed to hospital after the agonising accident in which he actually heard his p*enis snap during se*x with his 22-year-old girlfriend Clarissa Cairns.

He was bed-ridden for two months following the gravity of injury he sustained.

Cairns said, “It was a while before he could even play with himself again he was in that much pain.”

According to Irish Mirror, the lovers rushed to Letterkenny General Hospital but were quickly transferred to hospital in Galway where the young man immediately underwent emergency ruptured tackle surgery.

Alan said, “We were just having s*ex, I was on the bottom and Clarissa was on top.

“All of a sudden I heard something snap. I’ve never known pain like this, it was absolutely excruciating.

“Clarissa was trying to calm me down because I was jumping around. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

“We went to Letterkenny General Hospital and the doctors there said it was the first time they’d ever seen anything like it.

“They sent us to Galway where I was told the p*enis was fractured.

“There’s no bone in there but I was still told it was a fracture. There was blood everywhere, I couldn’t control it.”

The victim told how he was taunted by other patients at the hospital when his p*enis was put in a sling after the operation.

“One patient kept laughing at the pain I was in…Security wouldn’t let me out of their sight I was so angry,” he said.

But three months after the bonking incident, Alan said his p*enis is just about healed after he was forced to stay out of work for eight weeks.

He said, “I was off work for eight weeks, in bed the whole time.

“And the blood just kept on flowing.

“In the first two weeks I had to call an ambulance seven times because I couldn’t control the bleeding.

“A public nurse would also call out to change the dressing on the injury. I was in absolute bits.”

Girlfriend Clarissa added that the couple’s next door neighbours even heard Alan cry out in pain when his grim accident.

She said, “The neighbours said he was squealing like a baby when it happened.”

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