Thursday, June 4, 2015

SON siezes fake baby diaper worth over N200million from 3 Chinese

Lagos – The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) on Wednesday intercepted 10 containers of suspected fake baby diapers worth over N200million allegedly imported by hree Chinese nationals.

The siezures took place at Railway Terminus, Ijora Olopa, Lagos.

Mr Bede Obayi, the Director of Inspectorate and Compliance Department of the organisation, told newsmen in Lagos on Wednesday that the suspects had been handed over to the police for further investigation and prosecution.

Obayi said that various brands and unbranded baby diaper suspected to be fake, adulterated were found in 10 containers allegedly brought into the country by the suspects.

He said that the stuffing of the products was done in an unhygienic environment and was capable of inflicting skin rashes and diseases when used on children.

“We intercepted the fake products through our intelligent efforts. We have seen that the products are poor in quality, they are fake, substandard and dangerous to our babies.

“Because of the nature of the product, which is sensitive, they should not be allowed to be packaged in this kind of environment.

“If we allow the product into our markets, they will cause damages to our babies,” he said.

Obayi said that the organisation had redoubled its efforts to stamp out substandard products from circulating in the country.


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