Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Strong men have destroyed institutions in Nigeria —BUHARI

Abuja—President Muhammadu Buhari regretted yesterday that those he regarded as ‘strong men’ have destroyed institutions in Nigeria but promised that his administration would do its best to ensure that institutions bequeathed to the country by the British colonial leaders were restored.

The President who spoke in Johannesburg, South Africa while meeting with the Nigerian community there after the  African Union meeting also said in spite of what  he described as ‘crazy people’ who are trying to ensure the breakup of the country for selfish reasons, Nigeria will remain an indivisible country.

His words: “We have a system in Nigeria. No matter what you say about the British colonialists, they built institutions for us, unfortunately we have destroyed those institutions.

Obama’s first trip to Africa

“When US President, Barack Obama came to Africa which was his first trip, he went to Ghana, but he refused to come to Nigeria. And he said Africa, or developing countries should have strong institutions instead of strong leaders. If he had come to Nigeria, he would have known that it was strong Nigerians that destroyed the strong institutions. And paradoxically, maybe another strong Nigerian will come and revive the institutions and make them strong again.”

President Buhari stated that though he would have wished to be president at a much younger age, he would still do his best to ensure that the country moves forward.

Speaking on why he joined politics, President Buhari said he wanted to meet the expectations of the teeming masses of the people who had continued to troop to him to request for one favour or the other.

He said: “I was afraid Nigeria might be like Somalia. The Somalis are the same people, they are all Muslims but because the elite are self-centered, they have succeeded in making Somalia a war-torn country for the last 20 years.

“For that reason I said Nigerians are much more vulnerable, we have so many nationalities no matter how you look at it, Hausa-Fulanis, Kanuris, Ishekiris, Yorubas, Igbos. We are actually people of different cultures but since 1914, we have merged inspite of religion and culture, married across, produced children and only crazy people can think of balkanising Nigeria. But we are not short of crazy people and that is the frightening part of it.

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