Thursday, June 25, 2015

Transsexual and her gay friend head to Syria to join ISIS due to persecution in Russia

Viktor E
Viktor E. and her friend Aleksey T (after the cut) left their home village of Kamchatka Krai in Russia to join ISIS because they were fed up with being 'persecuted' by friends and neighbours.

The pair are said to have watched ISIS recruitment videos before going to Syria.

Viktor reportedly believed she would be accepted as a woman by ISIS.

 Reports said the 22 year olds had already left for Syria, while an unconfirmed police source was reported by local news source in Kamchatka as saying they were now in a mental health institute.

The couple were put on a list of those wanted for terrorist or extremist activity after apparently being converted to radical Islam.

'One of them was put there following a court decision because of his predisposition to suicide, and the other went there because he wanted to.

Viktoria's aunt said her nephew and his friend were not known as being the most intelligent people in the neighbourhood and she confirmed that Viktoria was taking hormone replacement therapy to start the transformation of becoming a woman.

He 'did not have enough money for the surgery and asked relatives but we all refused.

'The next thing we knew was that they were wanted by the police after it was found they had gone to join ISIS.

'Viktor had been walking around in women's clothes and wearing makeup and was living with his mum before converting to radical Islam.

'She told him that he would probably be killed if he went there dressed as a woman, but he said that if he could travel there as a woman, he believed they would accept him as a woman.'

An unnamed teacher said of Viktor: 'He was a boy. He had girlfriends, had a very short haircut, clothes without any decoration.

'He was a typical guy. And then later he came here to school to get a copy of his diploma with a different name on it, Viktoria instead of Viktor.

At this point he was 'wearing a short skirt, earrings and with long hair'.

'He told me: 'Change my diploma from Viiktor to Viktoria. If you don't do so, I will complain. '

He claimed to have a Russian passport in the name of Viktoria.

The teacher added: 'We have optional courses on Orthodox Christianity but not on any other religions.

'Viktor was never interested in religion. I myself was teaching history, social studies and law. He wouldn't say even a word about Islam.'

Bashir Bashirov, head of the Union of Muslims of Kamchatka, said: 'The first time they came to pray was about a year ago...They said they were man and wife.

'The mosque is open to everyone, so how can we prohibit anyone coming? 'We treated the newcomers as Muslims, we couldn't even imagine there were not straight. And how can one tell?

'She' was wearing a hijab, had a female face, was sitting aside from the men,' he added.

Later they became influenced by radicals 'and started blaming us for stepping aside from 'pure Islam... I personally tried to change their minds but in vain.

'The stopped attending prayers and started telling everyone that we 'delude ourselves and practice Islam in a wrong way'.'

A former girlfriend of Viktor told how he beat her during their relationship, and kept her dresses after they split up, and started wearing them.

The terror group has been brutally clear in how it views gay men - releasing sickening videos of them being thrown from the roofs of high buildings in strongholds such as Raqqa and Mosul.

Those who survive the fall are then set upon by bloodthirsty crowds who 'finish them off' by stoning the terribly injured victims to death.

The horrific public murders of gay men draw some of the largest crowds in ISIS' self-declared caliphate, with men photographed taking their young sons to watch the regular atrocities. 

This is because under the terror group's brutal interpretation of Islam, citizens are taught that being gay clashes with God's 'natural' order, brings destruction to the family and marriages, and leads people to ignore religious guidance in other areas of life.

Source : news agency

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