Monday, July 6, 2015

Protect Ladipo Market traders, Lagos Rep tells Ambode

A member of the House of Representatives from Lagos State, Mr. Oghene Emma-Ogoh, on Sunday called on Governor Akinwumi Ambode to protect the interest of traders in the ongoing remodeling of the Ladipo Market by the government.

Emma-Ogoh, who represents Amuwo/Odofin Federal Constituency, alleged that many traders had lost property due to the “breaking of market shops” by agents of the state government.

He noted that while it was the prerogative of the government to remodel its markets, the governor should have protected the traders by giving them adequate notice to relocate to alternative sites.

The lawmaker advised the governor to borrow a leaf from a former Governor of the state, Chief Lateef Jakande, who in his time, gave adequate notice to traders before he “decentralised Jankara Market.”

Emma-Egoh recalled that Jakande also relocated the traders first to Amukoko and later to Ojo.

He added that although Ladipo Market was not within his constituency, many of his constituents depended on the market for their daily living.

Emma-Eboh said, “The Jakande government did a good thing by giving the people enough notice and resettling them. Therefore, I am appealing to the Lagos State Government to please emulate what Jakande did.

“Even if you want to renovate the market, resettle them (traders). That place has been earmarked as a market and the people are there. If the government wants to redevelop, it is not my position to say don’t redevelop.

“But the government should assist them to get an alternative place. The state should assist them to be on their feet because the traders are Lagosians and Lagos is what it is today because we have all these traders.

“For me, the traders are more like foreign investors because if Ladipo Market were to move to a town in Ogun or Oyo states, it will create employment there. More people will be going there to buy things just as people are coming from all over the country and neighbouring countries to buy things in the Ladipo Market.

“These people are providing services; they pay taxes and they own property in Lagos. They pay tenement rates and whatever taxes accruing to Lagos State. These people are part of the state and add to the economic development of Lagos State.”

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