Monday, August 10, 2015

50 Cent offered Rick Ross' baby mama $3million settlement and she said no!

50Cent offered Rick Ross' baby mama $3million
A court has awarded Rick Ross babymama Lestonia Leviston $7million in damages but according to new reports, before taking the case to trial, 50 Cent offered her $3m but she said no. 

From NY Daily News..

"Jackson's team disclosed that to drum up cash to pay for two large lawsuits - Leviston's and a $17 million judgment won by Sleek Audio, which said the rapper stole their headphone idea - Jackson sold his entire catalog of music to Kobalt Music Group for $6 million. 

When one of his lawyers said the first $3 million sale to Kobalt was used partly for ordinary living expenses, Jackson quipped "I don't remember having lots of money." The lawyer said the second sale was made so Jackson could make [Rick Ross' baby's mother] Leviston a settlement offer but she refused to take it.

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