Monday, August 24, 2015

Why are you afraid of probe commission, Wike queries Amaechi

Why are you afraid of probe commission, Wike queries Amaechi 
PORT HARCOURT – An indication that former governor Chibuike Amaechi may not appear before the Justice G Omereji commission established to probe his administration emerged yesterday as he doubted the ability of the body to be fair to him.

The commission which was set up by governor Nyesom Wike is expected to commence sitting today in Port Harcourt.

The former governor in a statement from his media office said governor Nyesom Wike had on several occasions publicly indicted him of corruption, stressing that there was no way a commission he established to probe him will come up with anything contrary.

Meantime, governor Wike in a quick response wondered why Amaechi was afraid of the commission, saying his media statements around the commission were ploy to put pressure on the government to halt the probe which he could not achieve through the court.

Wike who spoke through his media aide, Mr Opunabo Nko-Tariah said there would have been no need for a judicial probe if the governor had found him guilty of the allegations. He further advised the former governor to appear before the commission to prove his innocence rather than running to the media to seek how to stop the commission from going ahead with its job.

On his part , the former governor said he was willing to submit himself to an unbiased commission that will operate within the ambit of the law.

His words, “This Wike’s probe is dead on arrival. It’s ill-conceived and ill-motivated. Wike’s probe is designed to twist and distort, or even completely alter selected legitimate government transactions in his desperation to cook up, and fabricate sham cases of corruption against Amaechi. Wike’s probe commission shall not achieve anything beyond political excitements, entertainment and theatrics.

Anyone who has been following events in Rivers State knows this Wike probe is just a fraudulent sham, a deceptive mission to indict Amaechi. Wike’s one-point agenda is to go after his predecessor”
Finally, Amaechi will continue to use every constitutional and legal means available to protect his name and image from this massive smear campaign, State-sponsored onslaught against him by Wike led government whose sole agenda is a desperate search for a Rotimi Amaechi political downfall.”

Former governor Amsechi said signs that the commission will be biased against him were in the speech read by the governor while inaugurating the body. He said the governor had alleged that Hotel Olympia was sold,man issue he said he should have allowed the commission to determine.
The former governor also took on the Chairman of the commission. Justice G. Omereji describing as a foe,
“However what Wike has set out to do is anything but a fair probe. The commission will not be fair to Amaechi because it was set up to indict him. Wike had repeatedly held that Amaechi, the person to be investigated, acted illegally in the disbursement of public funds and that Amaechi ran a corrupt government. Clearly, Wike has prejudged the matter and showed his bias that Amaechi is guilty even before investigations. This means Wike, with his prejudiced, made up mind has taken a position of a guilty verdict even before the outcome is known or established.”

“The same Wike who had adjudged the yet-to-be-investigated conduct of Amaechi as illegal and Amaechi as corrupt, is the same person that has gone ahead to set up a commission of inquiry and will have the final say on the findings of the commission. What a sham! “

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