Monday, September 14, 2015

I became IGP by providence — ARASE

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Solomon Arase, has described himself as a child of destiny, saying he became the first IGP from Edo State by providence.

IGP-Arase-Emmanue-AsuquoThe IGP, who declared that he was proud of his ancestral background, warned cultists to steer clear of Edo, asserting that he decided to return Mr. Chris Ezike, the new Commissioner of Police, to the state to enable him conclude the war against cultism, he started.

Arase spoke Friday at a dinner organised for him by Governor Adams Oshiomhole and elders of the state. The IGP narrated: “I was promoted and demoted, and for an Edo person to rise to become a commissioner of police it takes you about 28 or 35 years. That I was able to become a commissioner of police and also an Inspector General of Police is by providence.

“I was not the best. Ask Parry Osayande, ask Magnus Eweka, they were fantastic officers but they never got to the top. That I was able to get to the top was by providence. I can’t thank you people enough for honouring me. Sometimes I look at myself and ask: “This young man, how did you get this far?’ I have fallen, I have risen but one thing I have always told myself is that any time I fall; I should always have the courage to come back and fight for my right.

“I am an Edo; there are certain things that define an Edo man: excellence, hard-work and integrity and those are my defining character. I have fought so many battles. I have won some but this one is the defining moment to become the first Edo man to become the Inspector General of Police. Like I said, Parry Osayande was to become the Inspector General of Police. He never became one. Magnus Eweka was to be IGP. He never got there. Oyakilomen was to be the IGP. He didn’t make it. I am a child of destiny. For everything that they lost, I am going to make up for it. One thing I can assure you people of Edo is that I will remain on the path of integrity.

“When I became the IGP, I said I was going to dismantle road blocks. I dismantled them and they will never come back. I said I was going to put a structure in place that will ensure that the vacuum created by road blocks will not be abridged and I assure you that I am going to do that. We have serious issues. Edo State has issues with cultism. I will continue to deal with them”. “What I want to appeal to you all is that the comrade governor can’t provide all the security infrastructure that you require. Those of you in Edo who are in the public service who have the resources to assist the state government in ensuring that the state is secured, if it is vehicle tyres or batteries, you should be able to provide them for the state government.

“The state and federal governments can’t do it alone; so everybody in the state that has the resources to assist the state government to deal with these issues should be able to do that.

“All of you who are involved in cultism, you will be dealt with. I will not spare you, whether you are in government or not  does not matter. All of you who have interest in this state must ensure that you don’t disturb the state in terms of engaging in cultism or things that will disrupt investment. 

Cooperate  with the governor,  support him in whatever way it is to ensure that the security of the state is guaranteed.

“As a police officer, I have brought a commissioner of police here. He was the one that first came to ensure that cultism was dealt with. He was taken away. Now, I have brought him back and I am sure he is back  to complete the directives that I have given to him”.

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