Monday, September 28, 2015

Nigeria deeply divided along religious, ethnic lines – Osinbajo

ABUJA – Catholic Bishop of Kafanchan, Bishop Joseph Bagobiri has urged northern leaders and adherent of Islamic faith to make strong statement against Boko Haram as a way of finding lasting solution to insecurity situation in the country.

This is as the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo also admitted that there was obvious religious and ethnic discords among Nigerians.

Bagobiri spoke while delivering a sermon at the 55th independence anniversary interdenominational church service on the theme, ‘making Nigeria function as a family: panacea to healthy national integration’ held in Abuja on Sunday.

Reading from the books of II Chronicles 7:1-14 and I Corinthians 12:12-30, the bishop stated that the scriptures synonymously presented Nigeria as a family.

He warned that unless Nigerians shunned ethnic and religious sentiments, the country would continue to dangle on the line of disintegration.

He however stated that Th indivisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria was paramount.

The cleric also observed that the 55th independence celebration offered a time to sober reflection of how the country has faired, saying that it was also a time to appreciate God.

Bishop Bogabiri also reminded the merchants of insecurity and deaths that insecurity was an ill winds that blew no on any good, warning that the killing of innocents through bombing was not for the interest of the nation.

He said: “We need Nigeria first before the other contending things that citizens continue to fight for. Take Nigeria away and we will not do the fighting we are doing today”.

“Those who are penetrating these evils belong to the house hold of Islam, and the house hold of Islam should rise up and cut the excesses of their own members.

“If there is a Christian militia group in Nigeria today, it is we who will be the first, the Church leaders to confront this militia and say it is not in consonance with the teaching of Jesus Christ, we shall not hide them.

“We have since our amalgamation in 1914, all through our independence as a sovereign state not been successful in harnessing our plurality, diversity into a rainbow of peace and sustainable development because, instead of allowing ourselves to be guided, to be propelled by national interest, we are bedevilled by the blind pursuit, self centred and parochial interest that often toe the lines of ethnic and religious and politically partisan considerations.”

“What we should struggle and make sacrosanct is the survival of our nation which is bigger than everything. We need Nigeria first before the other contending needs that we are fighting for, relating this to Prophet Jeremiah in the Bible. That this is the only way to promote national cohesion.”

Speaking further, Bogabiri urged the Federal Government not to jettisoned the report the 2014 National Conference, saying it was germane to the growth and development of the country.

Bishop Bagobiri also cautioned President Buhari to be fair minded and just to all in his anti-corruption war.

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