Thursday, September 17, 2015

Police arrest Indian man in Lagos over visa scam

A Dubai-based Indian man, Mohammed Shazul, has been arrested by the Nigerian police for procuring a Dubai visa using the name of his former business partner,  Ayodotun Babalola. 

Ayodotun (pictured above) had petitioned the Nigerian police after he discovered that his former business partner who he fell out with after he demanded for 49% share of the company which they ran together, had used his name to obtain a Dubai visa, thereby preventing him to apply for a visa.

"I applied for a visa to Dubai only to discover that my name had been used to obtain a visa without my knowledge. The company is Citadel Toss Company. When I contacted Citadel Toss Company, they told me they have strict instruction from their client, (the suspect) not to hand over the visa to anybody even if the owner comes until further instruction from him. Their plan was to ensure that I don’t get visa to Dubai to do my business. I see my visa as my personal document and on that note I couldn’t travel again because I was restricted. I had to petition the Inspector-General of Police to complain officially to seek redress on the matter,’’ Ayo said in his petition which was obtained by NAN.

Police say the Indian national and some of his accomplice have been arrested and are currently being investigated

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