Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Femi Fani-Kayode Issues Statement Admitting He Received Funds From Private Individuals And Companies

I read with amusement the allegation that was made in SaharaReporters, the unofficial media wing of the Buhari administration, Nigeria’s Secret Police, the DSS, and the EFCC, that I was given 1.7 billion naira cash by President Goodluck Jonathan. This is false. A few hours later they changed their story and said that I received 1.7 billion naira from the office of the former NSA, Colonel Sambo Dasuki. This is also false.

I have never received one kobo from President Jonathan himself, Colonel Dasuki or any other member of President Jonathan’s government. I have not ever been in receipt of any public funds and neither was I the beneficiary of any payments in cash, transfer, cheque or otherwise from any government official during the tenure of President Jonathan.

As Director of Media and Publicity of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign organisation I received money on behalf of the Directorate of Media and Publicity which I headed from private individuals and companies during the election campaigns but these were not public funds but rather private contributions specifically for the Presidential and other campaigns.

Such moneys were transferred into my account by the Director of Finance of the Presidential Campaign Organisation and that account was SPECIFICALLY set up for the purpose of running the publicity and media aspect of the campaign for the whole country and my Directorate.

These private individuals and companies paid their contributions into a designated account which was provided and controlled by the Director of Finance and from there she transferred it to the accounts of the various Directors and various individuals that were running for public office that the PCO supported.

The money that was sent to me for my Directorate by the Director of Finance was used in a lawful and responsible manner and by the time the campaigns were over my Directorate had paid all of its bills for services rendered and was not owing any media house or anyone else one kobo.

The Presidential candidate of our party President Goodluck Jonathan, the D-G of the PCO, the Auditor of the PCO, the Advisor to the PCO and the Director of Finance of the PCO all received reports and saw the results of the efforts of my Directorate. Not only were they satisfied with our efforts but they also commended us.

Those private individuals and companies that were kind enough to support and fund President Jonathan's presidential campaign with their hard earned money were perfectly within their rights to do so and they were more than happy with our efforts as well.

They also commended us. Even though we ended up losing the election we fought a very virile, strong, visible, historic and aggressive campaign and the Nigerian people can attest to this. The encounter with the APC was an epic one and it was probably the most active and gruelling electoral battle in the history of our country.

Not one kobo of public funds was spent by or given to my Directorate during the campaign and as far as I am aware not one kobo of public funds was spent by or given to the PCO. Presidential campaigns all over the world cost huge amounts of money and Nigeria is no different.

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