Monday, January 11, 2016

Racism Remains An Issue In South Africa – Presidency

South African President Jacob Zuma has reiterated that racism remained an issue in South Africa.

The Presidency was responding to a media report that “erroneously” quoted Zuma as saying in his Sunday speech marking the 104th anniversary of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) that racism was not an issue in South Africa.

Presidential Spokesperson, Bogani Majola, said on Monday that “what Zuma said was that South Africa had addressed institutionalised racism since 1994 and that the problem that remained was that of individuals who still harboured racism and prejudice.’’

He said Zuma emphasised that all should be done to eradicate racism in society and that there should be consequences for racism.

Majola said the president stressed that South Africa would continue the task of building a non-racial society.

He said Zuma stressed in his speech that it was clear that there was a minority in South Africa that still harbours a desire to separate the communities and who idolise apartheid era leaders.

“These people don’t represent the true character of the new South Africa.

“The ANC, Zuma has put in place laws to prevent discrimination on the basis of race,’’ he said.

The anti-black comments have emerged on social media over the past few days, and sparking a public uproar.

It all started when Penny Sparrow, an estate agent, labelled blacks as “monkeys” who were released onto public beaches in Durban during the Christmas and New Year holidays. 


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