Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shocking : Nigeria to start producing pencils in 2 years, says minister

Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonaya Onu says Nigeria will start manufacturing her own pencil within the next 2 years. Ogbonnaya said this during a facility tour of Projects Development Institute (PRODA) in Enugu State on January 5. He said the local manufacturing of pencils will provide 400, 000 jobs for unemployed Nigerians

“It is unthinkable that 55 years after independence, Nigeria is still not producing pencils when we have the human and material resources in the country. PRODA has to produce pencils for Nigeria and they have given me the assurance that this can be done and that with pencil manufacture here, we will be creating 400,000 new jobs. The (Muhammadu) Buhari administration is committed to creating new jobs and growing our economy,” he said.

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